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My name is Anders Bo Rasmussen, I'm a Danish Back-end developer, just finished my bachelor of software development. I spend most of my free time with my girlfriend, we love to travel around the country, and when I'm not with her, I play video games and hang out with my best friends.

I love comics! I am generally picky about my comics, but I'm always looking for new comics to read. I buy most of my comics from Comixology and the others from Dark Horse Comics. I like reading comics with a darker theme, like The Walking Dead, Marvel Zombies, or Aliens.


  • Itera Denmark - MAKE A DIFFERENCE

    Fullstack Developer

    Aug. 2018 - Present

    Itera is an communications and technology company, specializing in software for the banking and insurance industry.

    Fullstack developer, working on a varity of applications.

    Primary technologies includes C#, JavaScript/jQuery, and SQL Server.

  • Sigma Estimates

    Software Developer

    Jun. 2017 - Jul. 2018

    Sigma Estimates is a software company, specializing in calculation software for the construction industry.

    Backend developer in a team of 3 developers. I am responsible for maintaining the build system and the development of Sigma's new cloud solution.

    The cloud solution is buildt using C#, CQRS, and SQL Server.

  • ALD Automotive

    IT Developer

    Sep. 2016 - May 2017

    ALD Automotive is a French fleet managing and operational car leasing company.

    Fullstack developer in a team of 6 developers. I am responsible for developing the new customer portal MyALD, and working closely with frontend consultants.

    MyALD is buildt using C#, MVC, .NET CORE, and SQL Server.

  • Autobutler

    Junior Software Developer

    Oct. 2014 - Aug. 2016

    Autobutler is an online workshop portal for carowners, who want an easy way to gather offers from different workshops near them.

    Fullstack developer in a team of 10 developers. I am responsible for the daily operation of the application. I fix the bugs and make sure the users have a pleasant experience.

    Autobutler is buildt using Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL as the backend. Bootstrap, SASS, and React powers the frontend.

  • Autobutler

    Developer Intern

    Jun. 2014 - Oct. 2014

    During my internship at Autobutler, I was responsible for developing a benefit-system, allowing the car owners to see the benefits they get from other companies, by being part of Autobutler.

    The entire system was developed using Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL for the backend. Everything was tested using RSpec.

    The frontend was build using SASS, Bootstrap, and jQuery.


  • Bachelor of Software Development


    Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt

  • Academy Profession Graduate in Computer Science


    Erhvervsakademiet Sjælland

Volunteer Experience

  • Event Crew

    Sørby E-sport

    Aug. 2017 - present

    Science and Technology

  • IT and Communication

    Roskilde Festival

    Jun. 2009 - Jun. 2009

    Arts and Culture



  • HTML / ERB / Jade (Pug)
  • CSS / SASS / bootstrap
  • JavaScript / jQuery / AngularJS 1&2


  • Java
  • C# (MVC, .NET CORE)
  • Ruby on Rails
  • MySQL / MSSQL / PostgreSQL


  • Git / GitHub / BitBucket / SVN
  • Atom / NetBeans / Visual Studio
  • Heroku / Azure
  • Command Line / iTerm / PowerShell
  • Trello / Jira / Pivotal Tracker / VSTS



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